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Are you looking for an easy way to way to watch NFL football online, MLB baseball, NBA basketball or even college sports? 

1st Row Sports TV has your solution! In just 3 easy steps, you can be watching you favorite team play in under a minute. We use a toolbar to


If you are anything like us, you are a huge sports fan who either does not have the tv channel with the game on or needs an easy way to catch up on scores and highlights when you simply don't have time to watch the game.

After years of having to put up with the traditional live streaming sports sites to watch NFL football, or NBA basketball games mostly (but often many other sports as well), we decided there had to be something else out there that worked better. 

With the help of the makers of ask.com, we were able to offer a completely safe (backed by Norton antivirus), free (yes its free, you don't even have to provide any personal information) sports toolbar that is fast, easy to use and brings you all the free live streaming sports, news and updates you could want.

About 1strOWSPORTS

  • Its one of the easiest, convenient and safest way to watch sports online from NFL football to Basketball, even golf, boxing and tennis
  • You get access to breaking news, highlights, and scores
  • 1st row sports is 100% FREE to use, no strings, no risk
  • It works on Internet explorer, Firefox, and Chrome Browsers
  • No annoying popups or viruses (backed by Norton Anti-Virus)
  • Its completely legal so you never have to worry

Why Use 1st Row Sports' Free Toolbar


Click the "FREE Download" button to the right to visit the download page and learn more about whats included.

2. Install the Free toolbar

Fast and simple, one click download to get the toolbar used to bring you sports faster and easily select what you want to watch.

3. Watch Your Game!

With the toolbar, you can now get live streaming sports, (great for NFL games) news, highlights, and scores. Its easy to learn and a super convenient way to keep up with the big game.